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Maximum Inverter Performance

World’s most efficient microinverter. Supports low-light and low-voltage operation.

Enphase Micro inverters are installed beneath the solar modules on the roof, and they convert the maximum power from each module into standard AC electricity.

Maximum Module Performance

Conergy PH 230-255P Polycrystalline module with proven high yield and long service life. Precision +3% power tolerance. 25 year power warranty.

We only use the highest quality products from well-known manufacturers and suppliers at great pricing.

Maximum System Reliability

Enphase Micro inverters provide the highest reliability solar installations by removing failure-prone central inverters and any single point of system failure.

Enphase Micro inverters deliver a service life of more than 25 years, with greater than 99.7% reliability.

Maximum Quality

Over 140 kilowatts of Solar PV modules and 40 utility interactive systems
Energy harvest, safety and equipment lifecycle is maximized with quality balance of system and logical design.
We ensure that all products are applied according to the manufacturer’s directions to keep manufacture’s warrantees valid.



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