Greenergy Renewable Energy provides leading equipment, from proven manufacturers and distributors. Our Solar equipment kits include professional designed aluminum racking engineered to meet code requirements, 25 year PV modules and MPPT micro inverters, 240 VAC trunk cable, SS Hardware, grounding clips / lugs, aluminum mid clamps and end clamps, mounting hardware. We can even provide your cable run and circuit breaker for your dedicated solar circuit. All our equipment has manufacturers’ warranty.


The design of your Solar PV system is critical to safety, efficiency, maintenance and longevity. There is a lot more involved than just providing modules and parts. We are NABCEP certified professionals, with experience and understand the fine details of a Solar PV system. We incorporate the most efficient, reliable and cost effective equipment and rely on detailed shade analysis tools to accurately determine solar potential of site. Our solar PV systems are designed for a 35 year life cycle with minimal maintenance and maximum energy harvest. You can count on years of trouble free operation and the best ROI with our systems.


We provide consultation from the conception stage including site evaluations, shade analysis, energy production estimates, installation planning and general contracting. We have the experience and knowledge earned over the last 5 years and over 140 kW of solar PV and 40+ utility interactive systems. We also provide energy load analysis and system sizing for remote and hybrid battery based systems which is critical for proper operation and longevity.

Let Greenergy ensure your Solar Installation is designed and installed in compliance local code requirements as a minimum. We can provide recommendations on wiring, circuit breakers, permits, applications and documentation to streamline your project.