Greenergy Helps Couple Produce Energy at Home

It’s amazing how a few solar panels have changed our lives.

Tracy Duncan, operations specialists in TransAlta’s ODC in Calgary has always been interested in wind and renewable resources and since joining TransAlta, Her interest has grown. Today Tracy supplies her house and others in her neighborhood with green energy from 17 solar panels. Tracy invested $20,000 in 17 Solar Panels, The panels, which cover approximately there quarters of the south side of her roof are all on one circuit and produce up to 4 kilowatts every day. “You’d think that there would be a large costs associated with maintenance of these delicate instruments. Says Duncan, “But the rain and snow clean them regularly, and on a Sunny day the panels produce 100percen of here energy consumption and provide power to her neighbors,, On a cloudy day the panels produce approximately one third of her consumption. Enmax pays Tracy eight cents per KwH for her contribution to the grid. Tracy also monitors the panels from the ODC to see hourly how much energy they produce. ” “Its amazing how a few solar panels have changed our lives ” she adds. My six year old has an honest interest in electricity. We’ve met more of our neighbors, as everyone is interested in seeing and talking about how they work. “We’re definitely more in touch with the weather, and acutely aware of energy conservation” Tracy is a great example in her community among our employees and in our efforts towards a greener environment.

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