• Twelve (12) PE 260 Watt Polycrystalline PV modules, with a +3% power tolerance and a 25 year power warranty.
  • Twelve (12) Enphase M215 MPPT micro-inverters one per PV module. A 3.12 kilowatt array consisting of 12 x 260 Watt poly crystalline, 25 year PV modules and Enphase micro-inverters can produce up to 4031 kWhr per year or 335 kWhr per month based on published Calgary PV potential of 1292 kWhr per kW of installed solar.
  • Envoy & Enlighten system monitoring
  • Flush mount PV racking and hardware
  • Cabling, wiring, circuit breakers
  • Installation, start up and commissioning
  • Micro-generation Application, Documentation
  • Electrical permit, documentation, warning labels, inspection and approval

Book now for spring and SAVE 10 % $12,480.00 ($4.00 per Watt Installed)

A solar site evaluation would be required to determine specific site conditions and requirements.
The solar modules can be configured in arrays to fit your roof size. Each module is 65 inches tall by 40 inches wide. The price does not include trenching or extra electrical work required such as sub- panels. Trenching and extra electrical work is at cost +10%.